EA Team Inc. commits to providing a strong and powerful Business Process tool to automated business processes to our customers. These tools enhance the productivity of users with higher accuracy and reduce the processing time.

eBP Suite:

eBP Suite stands for Enterprise Business Process Suite. Enterprise Business Process is the end to end coordination of work activities that create and deliver ultimate value to customers. eBP suite is the new standard for modeling business processes. It provides the shortest time to value possible when implementing robust process- based solutions. The eBP suite enables self-operating business tools that are going to be used with a completely different and defined process flow. This process flow consists of procedures, tasks, people, and equipment that elucidates business practices within an organization. Hence, the eBP suite completely automates the business processes and activities of users.

The software is designed in such a user-friendly way that even the business users can easily configure this new software in a way to automate their business process as per their business requirements, all by themselves.


  • The software consist of powerful management tools.
  • eBP Suite works o thin client architecture
  • It has integrated APIs and mail server integration.
  • The software supports relational database management systems like SQL Server/Oracle/MS Access.
  • The software is flexibly integrated with other web applications on the internet.
  • The software provides easy to use Web interfaces for participants.
  • The software cuts down on a lot of repetitive work, hence making the information access but easier.