With advancement in science and technology, we have one more user-friendly technology with us called NFC (Near Field Communication ) technology. Basically, NFC lets smartphones communicate with other NFC enabled devices. Though this technology many devices are being made and some are still in progress. EA TEAM provides NFS solutions with NFS products to some existing conventional problems. Two of the NFC solutions are listed below:


We all are pretty much familiar with the existing ticketing system and the way it works. The predominant or say the only way to pay for trips through public transportation is by purchasing tickets with cash at ticket vending machine, at ticket counters. But fare collection through this process is neither convenient nor provides ease to people who find difficulty and wastage of time while standing in a long queue at ticket counters waiting for their turn to come

NFC or Near Field Communication technology addresses all the drawbacks of the traditional ticketing system and provides an NFC Device which is used in contactless payment systems, similar in those used in credit cards and allow mobile payments to replace or appendage these systems. Through NFC technology communication will occur between two NFC enabled devices. For example, for bus transportation one NFC

enabled device will be the smartphone of the passenger and the other NFC enabled device will be with the bus conductor.

Use of NFC technology in order to replace the existing ticketing system is one step towards digitalization which is user-friendly and saves a lot of time and also with NFC technology there is no major deal of infrastructure expenditure.


Another device based on Near Field Communication Technology is NFC Stickers. No doubt we have evolved a lot in the field of technology. Earlier we used to make paper files and document all the important information manually on paper. Then we started documenting them on PCs etcetera. But here we are, in the year 2019 where we all are aware of the drawbacks of a conventional magnetic stripe paper or plastic ID card. NFC too recognizes all the drawbacks and provides us with a solution in the form of a sticker. A single NFC Sticker with an embedded circuit/chip is capable of holding all your important data.

Hence, nothing but a sticker made up of a set of coded algorithms is the key solution to eradicate existing troubles caused by using conventional papers.

The above mentioned NFC solutions are convenient, versatile, seamless, more secure and provides a better user experience.